An Update on Our Computer Forensics Blog Contest

A link to for IT career planningLast week, we set out on a quest to find the best computer forensics investigation blogs for 2015. We scoured the internet, social media, and Reddit; we asked our friends, our mentors, and our mothers.

We used any resources we could find, and came up with a list of nine particularly excellent InfoSec blogs that focus exclusively (or at least primarily) on computer forensics and investigations.

But we want to go beyond making a list. We want to find the best. forensics blog. ever.

The problem with coming up with “the best,” of course, is that the definition of the best differs from person to person. We could have gone a numbers of ways, but ultimately, we settled on a fairly simple definition: The best blog is the blog that the people say is best.

The people. That’s you!

So we set up a poll and invited you to vote on your favorite — for whatever reason you saw fit: Post quality, humor, personality, novelty. Whatever you like.

Mildly surprisingly, the “biggest” blog is not the front runner in the votes so far. Nor is it a blog that posts every day. Those are definitely two things that might bias the results in a blogs favor for no other reason. But in fact, the current frontrunner is a blog that publishes just once a month and has no affiliation with a professional organization of any kind.

The leader is a personality-driven blog by a much-celebrated InfoSec thought leader: Zeno’s Month.

Zeno’s Month is written by Zeno Geradts, a popular forensics thinker, speaker, and writer who provides a short and link-filled monthly update about the things he’s learned, done, or is interested in.

As a seasoned blogger, it’s not surprising to me that the most popular pick is a personal blog by an accessible expert offering their unique perspective. Even though every single website on the planet has a blog now, personal thoughts by knowledgeable people is what started the blogging revolution, and it’s what still drives much of the interest today.

But don’t get to comfortable, Zeno. You’re officially ahead of some pretty heavy hitters, including the SANS Blog and Forensic Control. Those are pros who aren’t going to let themselves fall behind for long.

Agree? Disagree? There is still time to vote. Tell us your favorite computer forensics investigation blog right now!

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