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How to Decide: Earn More Work Experience or Get a Certification ?

As technological businesses begin to focus more on IT strategies and the currently available resources to support them, the demand for the most qualified workers continues to increase.

When administrative security and IT infrastructure are a part of a business, that business will require employees with knowledge and expertise in their field to succeed. In many cases, this infrastructure will actually require around-the-clock management to keep all systems safe, organized, and functional. Even the highest-quality hardware and software are only capable of so much without an active, qualified team who can adeptly keep the business on track.

This may lead some business leaders to inquire into what work experience, IT certifications or other qualifications are most important to their strategy and business structure. This frequently asked question is also pondered by IT students or recent graduates who are looking to enter the workforce as a member of the IT industry. Are IT certifications the most important? What about hands-on working experience?


IT Certification vs. Work Experience Statistics


Foote Partners, a Florida-based independent IT benchmark research and advisory firm, recently created an IT skills and Certifications Pay Index Report. This research discovered that in recent years, the pay scale for employees without IT certifications has begun to drop. In some of the years where the rate seemed to be falling for non-certified IT staff, there seemed to be a noticeable trend of employers who showed that they were willing to pay far more for hands-on working experience than for their IT certified counterparts.