Training Posts and The Future of Training: An Interview With Darren Dalasta

We will be regularly interviewing leaders in career development, education, skills assessments, human resources and other relevant industries here on the Skillset blog. We like interviews because they start a literal conversation, and they allow everyone to step back for a minute to talk about the bigger picture.

For our inaugural interview, it’s only appropriate that we interview Darren Dalasta, a founding member of the team here at In this interview, Dalasta explains the story behind Skillset, how it impacts the training and professional certification climate, and where he sees education and career development a year from now.


What was the inspiration behind Why did the Skillset team decide to create it?

Skillset exists because we heard the cry from IT professionals for more and better practice questions for their certification exams. There aren’t many places where you can get access to thousands of practice questions to see if you’re ready for the test. We want to provide free, exponential access to practice questions and tests.

The most-used options prior to this were to use downloaded, stolen exam questions and feel guilty about it, buy very expensive (and short) practice tests if you could find them somewhere, or use the same questions over and over again.

We had the experience to create something people wanted, and hopefully build an intelligent service on top of it that will eventually help them understand and learn how to expand their skills and skillsets to something far beyond practicing for a certification exam.


Launching Skillset: A New Way to Develop Your Career

We launched in late 2014 with a fairly simple goal: Make it easier, faster, and more gainful to prepare for professional certifications that advance your career. Since then, we’ve added over 100,000 questions to our proprietary testing engine, and we’ve built out countless individualized skills that allow you to test yourself against them one by one—all for free.

Here at the beginning, we plan to keep adding questions, skills and resources by the truckload, of course. Providing free, up-to-date, intuitive test preparation for certifications is our guiding purpose. But we have to admit—we’re up to more than that.

We want to change the way people think about career advancement, and the way people achieve it. To do that, we need to change the way people think about education in general.

In large part, that’s what this blog is for. Not only to discuss Skillset and what you can use it for, but also to discuss the future of education. We see education as moving from a hurdle one crosses to an endeavor you never stop pursuing. We want it to move from a qualification for a job to being a part of the job. And we want the skills you acquire to stop being static claims on your resume and start being a proven, concrete framework that defines the best and most recent version of you.

Those are big claims, we know. But we aren’t just going to make claims. We’re going to prove them. That’s what we help our users do, and that’s what we believe in.