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Skillset’s New Look Delivers the Most Personalized Certification Study Experience Yet

Ever since we launched Skillset, our goal has been to help the user. To help them explore cutting-edge IT skills, to see how it all fits together into larger groups of industry knowledge, and to prepare for inevitable necessity of earning broad (and specific) certifications offered by reputable organizations.

Along the way, we’re exploring the concept of professional education, and helping people develop their careers at the same time.

Using the site has always been ostensibly easy, and the immediate function is obvious: Free certification practice tests. But there are plenty of websites that provide certification sample questions and tests (most of them charge a fee, but still).

The truly advanced functionality of Skillset has always been a bit more complex, however. It takes people a little practice to realize that the site is actually tracking their progress, noting which skills they’re experts at and which ones they need to work on.

It all culminates in our most-complimented feature: The exam readiness score.

Skillset Certification Exam Readiness Indicator

The score tracks not only how many questions you’ve answered correctly, but also how many you’ve answered overall, how long it took you, and what proficiency you’ve reached. It’s an enormous time-saver and an eye-opening experience for users who are used to simply taking blind practice tests and seeing if they passed or failed.

But all of that data has been, shall we say, less obvious.


Lessons Learned from 1 Million Exam Practice Questions Answered

We’ve just hit a big milestone at Skillset, which comes with a lot of reflection, advancement and realizations about the “new normal” the site has entered in 2015. It’s all very exciting and insightful, so we wanted to share our experiences publicly and transparently.

First, the milestone: As of this week, users have answered more than 1,000,000 questions!

That’s one million. With an ‘M’. That means that our (very dedicated) users and visitors have clicked “submit” while answering one of our thousands of certification practice questions many thousands of times per day over the last few months.

Of course, after one million sample questions answered, we’ve learned quite a bit.


How did we get to one million questions answered?


The short answer to this question is that we have more than 100,000 sample questions available, so this milestone was almost inevitable. What we didn’t expect was how quickly our users would get there. users are now answering more than 10,000 questions per day. Only a few months after we launched the site in earnest, that is a truly surprising number.

The reason, however, is fairly simple: Anyone preparing to take a professional certification exam knows they need to practice. And they can (and do) practice endlessly on Skillset, while rarely seeing the same question twice. and The Future of Training: An Interview With Darren Dalasta

We will be regularly interviewing leaders in career development, education, skills assessments, human resources and other relevant industries here on the Skillset blog. We like interviews because they start a literal conversation, and they allow everyone to step back for a minute to talk about the bigger picture.

For our inaugural interview, it’s only appropriate that we interview Darren Dalasta, a founding member of the team here at In this interview, Dalasta explains the story behind Skillset, how it impacts the training and professional certification climate, and where he sees education and career development a year from now.


What was the inspiration behind Why did the Skillset team decide to create it?

Skillset exists because we heard the cry from IT professionals for more and better practice questions for their certification exams. There aren’t many places where you can get access to thousands of practice questions to see if you’re ready for the test. We want to provide free, exponential access to practice questions and tests.

The most-used options prior to this were to use downloaded, stolen exam questions and feel guilty about it, buy very expensive (and short) practice tests if you could find them somewhere, or use the same questions over and over again.

We had the experience to create something people wanted, and hopefully build an intelligent service on top of it that will eventually help them understand and learn how to expand their skills and skillsets to something far beyond practicing for a certification exam.