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Three Simple Ways to Prepare for a Certification Exam

When it comes to preparing for an exam, different methods work for different people. Since not everyone is the same, there are plenty of tips and tricks to ready yourself for an exam and stay ready.

There are three time-tested and well-researched components for preparing yourself to take any major exam, including certifications:

  • Staying Physically Ready for an Exam
  • Staying Mentally Ready for an Exam
  • Staying Emotionally Ready for an Exam

Many people are naturally very good at one or two of these areas—perhaps you have a strong memory, or you don’t get rattled by the significance of the test—but it takes practice to get good at all three.

And if you can master all three of these areas, test taking will not only be much easier for any exams you’re currently preparing for, but it will also get you used to the challenges and routines of staying “on the ball” for future exams, quizzes and tests.


The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam: Insights From Those Who Have Passed

What is the hardest part about taking the PMP exam?

It’s a question that gets asked a lot. And although there are a lot of questions about obtaining a Project Management certification in general–who should consider it, does it help your career, what jobs or industries require it, etc.–all the questions get boiled down to one single concern once someone decides to pursue a PMP certification: Will I pass the test? Just how hard is it? How should I prepare?

So we asked certified project managers, people who have taken the test before and passed, what was the hardest part for them?


Preparing Before You Prepare


In my view, there are two significant challenges to earning the PMP certification:

1. Earning the required experience hours for the certification on all aspects of project work. These experience hours need to be documented in case your application is selected for an audit.

2. Completing enough practice questions and full length (200 question) practice exams.

Bruce Harpham, ProjectManagementHacks.com