Certification Practice Posts

Three Simple Ways to Prepare for a Certification Exam

When it comes to preparing for an exam, different methods work for different people. Since not everyone is the same, there are plenty of tips and tricks to ready yourself for an exam and stay ready.

There are three time-tested and well-researched components for preparing yourself to take any major exam, including certifications:

  • Staying Physically Ready for an Exam
  • Staying Mentally Ready for an Exam
  • Staying Emotionally Ready for an Exam

Many people are naturally very good at one or two of these areas—perhaps you have a strong memory, or you don’t get rattled by the significance of the test—but it takes practice to get good at all three.

And if you can master all three of these areas, test taking will not only be much easier for any exams you’re currently preparing for, but it will also get you used to the challenges and routines of staying “on the ball” for future exams, quizzes and tests.


Skillset’s New Look Delivers the Most Personalized Certification Study Experience Yet

Ever since we launched Skillset, our goal has been to help the user. To help them explore cutting-edge IT skills, to see how it all fits together into larger groups of industry knowledge, and to prepare for inevitable necessity of earning broad (and specific) certifications offered by reputable organizations.

Along the way, we’re exploring the concept of professional education, and helping people develop their careers at the same time.

Using the site has always been ostensibly easy, and the immediate function is obvious: Free certification practice tests. But there are plenty of websites that provide certification sample questions and tests (most of them charge a fee, but still).

The truly advanced functionality of Skillset has always been a bit more complex, however. It takes people a little practice to realize that the site is actually tracking their progress, noting which skills they’re experts at and which ones they need to work on.

It all culminates in our most-complimented feature: The exam readiness score.

Skillset Certification Exam Readiness Indicator

The score tracks not only how many questions you’ve answered correctly, but also how many you’ve answered overall, how long it took you, and what proficiency you’ve reached. It’s an enormous time-saver and an eye-opening experience for users who are used to simply taking blind practice tests and seeing if they passed or failed.

But all of that data has been, shall we say, less obvious.