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Uncrackable Passwords, Port Ranges, and OOP: Practice Questions of the Day!

Every day in this space, we post a question of the day for each of the certifications we offer on PMP, CISSP, CEH, CHFI, Network+ and Security+.

We will link to the live question page, where you can test yourself (for free!) and find the answer to these sample questions and more. We will also crosspost these daily questions in their respective Facebook groups, which are linked in context below, so you can discuss them with fellow test-takers there:


CISSP Question of the Day

In Object-Oriented Programming, encapsulation is also referred to as… ?

A. Encryption
B. Data hiding
C. Fuzzing
D. Data transfer

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PMP Question of the Day

When project team members are selected in advance, they are considered what?

A. Subcontracting
B. Pre-assigned
C. Activity cost estimates
D. Acquisition

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Announcing a New Certification Resource: Skillset Facebook Groups!

We’re big on practice questions at Skillset. That’s why each of our certification practice tests has several thousand questions within it: Because practice, you may have heard, makes perfect.

But if there’s one thing we’re as enthusiastic about as practice questions, it’s discussion, feedback, and back-and-forth learning. The topic we spend the most time on, beyond writing more questions, is how to give our users more options to connect with one another, provide insights and feedback, and learn from one another.

That’s exactly why we’ve created a series of Facebook Groups specifically designed to provide motivation and discussion around certification.

For every certification practice test we provide on Skillset, we’ve created a group (and we’ll keep adding them as we add certification tests). And in each group, we’ll post one question every day. The objective being: Find your daily motivation, learn something new, and find a resource and a community to rally around as you prepare for your own big test (or as you simply stay fresh and knowledgable).

Check out (and join!) each of our groups as they relate to specific tests:

Let us know what you think, and keep an eye out for our first questions, coming up today — and every day — for you to pick over and discuss.

Happy testing!