The Best Computer Forensics Investigation Blogs for 2015

A link to for IT career planningWe follow a lot of blogs here at Skillset. A lot!

With more than three hundred skill assessment tests across several major industry certifications (and growing!), it’s important to stay on our game. Specifically, it’s important because we want to help you stay on your game too.

But what, truly, are the best publications, resources, and blogs to follow in a particular subject area? Not a major category like Project Management, but a specific skillset like computer forensics investigation.

That’s a tough question, so we set out to answer it. We want to start keeping a running count of all the best blogs that tackle specific skills professionals might need to study for their next certification exam—or even simply to make sure you’re not lagging behind the industry for your own personal benefit.

But we’ll need your help. We generally know what the best blogs might be, but which ones do people respond to the best? Only you can tell us that.

So we’re asking. Below we’ve listed the five best blogs that cover computer forensics investigation and the reasons why we like them. Vote for your favorite in our poll at the bottom of this post. We’ll recap the results in a post later this month.

A bit of transparency: Blogs that post frequently or generally provide objective (non-product) information rank high on our list. So your favorite blogger who posts once a year may not have made the cut (even if they’re great!).


The Best Computer Forensics Investigation Blogs in 2015


SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Blog

  • Publishing Frequency: Multiple Times per Week
  • Topic Focus: Specific (Industry-focused digital forensics news)
  • Notable Quirk: Corporate-run publication owned by SANS, this is a go-to source for authoritative information on computer forensics.
  • URL:


Digital Forensics Magazine

  • Publishing Frequency: Biweekly
  • Topic Focus: Specific (All Digital Forensics Articles)
  • Notable Quirk: Lots of good content organized into a subscription magazine (but also contains a daily blog).
  • URL:


Champlain College Computer & Digital Forensics Blog


Forensic Control

  • Publishing Frequency: Biweekly
  • Topic Focus: Specific (Computer forensics thought pieces)
  • Notable Quirk: Operated by a security firm, but reasonably objective in its chosen topics, articles and authors.
  • URL:


Didier Stevens’ Blog

  • Publishing Frequency: Weekly
  • Topic Focus: Highly Specific (Personal observations from a thought leader)
  • Notable Quirk: Didier Stevens is a renowned digital forensics expert, and this blog provides a fascinating look into his thought process.
  • URL:


Zeno’s Month

  • Publishing Frequency: Monthly
  • Topic Focus: Highly Specific (Personal perspective from a thought leader)
  • Notable Quirk: Zeno Geradts is a famous computer forensics consultant and thought leader, and here he provides monthly links and information about developments in the industry as he sees them.
  • URL:


Forensic Multimedia Analysis (Formerly Forensic Photoshop)

  • Publishing Frequency: Biweekly
  • Topic Focus: Extremely specific (forensics investigations using multimedia tools)
  • Notable Quirk: This is a niche topic blog that provides a unique look into using Photoshop and other multimedia tools in forensics investigations.
  • URL:


Forensic Methods

  • Publishing Frequency: Quarterly
  • Topic Focus: Specific (forensic investigation articles)
  • Notable Quirk: Although infrequently published, Forensic Methods tends to provide comprehensive overviews of popular and emerging industry topics.
  • URL:


Forensic 4:Cast

  • Publishing Frequency: Daily
  • Topic Focus: Specific (Forensics news and methodologies)
  • Notable Quirk: Recently restructured their publishing schedule to include a blog, magazine and podcast, so information is more categorized but less frequent in some cases.
  • URL:


Which one of these computer forensics blogs is your favorite? Vote below!



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