The Best Online Resources for Free PMP Exam Sample Questions in 2015

Ask any professional who has taken (or is preparing to take) the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam how to study for the test ahead of time, and they’ll likely tell you the same thing: Practice, practice, practice.

Get your hands on as many PMP practice tests and sample questions as you can, the advice always seems to go. Not only will taking practice tests make you more comfortable when it’s time for the real thing, but seeing sample questions will give you a better sense of how you’ll be tested—not only will you learn what information you need to know, but you’ll also be able to see the way the test will ask you for that information.

It’s easier said than done, though. Until very recently, practice tests or sample questions were found primarily in small sections of much larger (and expensive) books or training programs. There’s nothing wrong with books and training programs of course—they are excellent ways to learn. But what if you’re just looking to get your hands on as many practice questions as possible?

Luckily, these days there are some great resources available for free online that will let you practice a seemingly infinite amount, including the site you’re reading this blog post on. Here are the best places we’ve found so far. Know of even more? Leave a suggestion in the comments section!

Oliver Lehmann
Available Questions: ~150 (Plus links to several resources)
Format: PDF and Mock Test
Cost: Free
Information: Oliver Lehmann is a first-class name in project management leadership. His personal website is loaded with resources, and he offers guidance and information in a frank and detailed way. He also keeps a running list of every practice test he comes across, which we certainly appreciate, and is always on the lookout for free PMP exam sample questions.


Available Questions: 5,000+
Format: Interactive Online Practice Tests
Cost: Free
Information: In this instance, I don’t think you can fault us too much for including ourselves on this list. We’ve worked hard to build the largest, most advanced testing engine available for this exact purpose—giving hungry testers the unlimited amount of practice questions they’re looking for. Questions are grouped into specific skills so you can see exactly where your skill gaps lie, and you can track your progress every step of the way. Skillset also regularly adds hundreds of new questions, and just this month added 500 new situational PMP questions.


PM Study
Available Questions: 200+
Format: Online Practice Test
Cost: First Test is Free
Information: PM Study offers a free practice test as well as the option to pay for additional tests and questions. In addition to the tests, they also offer several videos and instruction guides meant to prepare testers for what to expect when taking the actual PMP certification exam.


Exam Central
Available Questions: 1,000
Format: Interactive Online Practice Tests
Cost: Free
Information: Exam Central is another large database of practice questions. Like Skillset, it has the benefit of being hosted entirely online and with all of your questions in the same place, which helps keep you organized and focused on the matter at hand: Studying.


Pass the Project Exam
Available Questions: 400+
Format: Online Practice Tests
Cost: Free
Information: Pass the Project Exam offers pretty much what its name implies: Help passing the PMP certification exam. In addition to plenty of blog posts and resources about the Project Management Institute and PMP certification, they offer six practice tests divided by area of study, to help you identify where you might need the most practice.


PM Hub
Available Questions: 400+
Format: One Static Sample Question Every Day
Cost: Free
Information: PM Hub is a unique resource in a couple of ways. The first is that it is a no-frills list of questions, taken one per page and published once a day. The answer to the previous day’s question is also published with each daily update. There are no interactive elements or practice test timers as there are with other sites on this list, but it’s a very easy to use, freely available resource, and is offered by PM Success, a bilingual testing resource site available in both English and Chinese.


PM Bank
Available Questions: 260
Format: Static Sample Questions
Cost: Free
Information: Like PM Hub, PM Bank is a no-nonsense collection of free PMP sample questions. The simple website includes links to additional training resources and guides, curated by the site owner.

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